Easy to Implement

Easily implemented and user-friendly

When implementing ERMplanner, we take all the worries off your hands by keeping it simple. ERMplanner can be fully operational within your organisation in 5 days. ERMplanner is simple, user-friendly and no specific IT knowledge or experience is required. Above all, it is an addition that will strengthen your current IT applications.

Quick start

The ERMplanner implementation process can be completed within 5 days. During these 5 days there is support from the ERMplanner team at all times. They can help you with the technical installation and functional design of the tool. In addition, together with the organisation, they ensure that the entire process will run smoothly.

The implementation process is as follows:

Day 1. Demo & Quick scan system landscape

Day 2. Technical equipment

Day 3. Configure system landscape and user accounts

Day 4 & 5. Roll-out to end users


The rapid implementation ensures that every user is immediately able to use ERMplanner effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily. Due to the various practical wizards that ERMplanner has at its disposal, no specific IT knowledge or experience is required. Users can add, change and delete releases, projects and other important activities via the 'wizard menu'.


ERMplanner is complementary to your current IT applications. ERMplanner has extra functionality that can enhance applications such as Jira and ServiceNow. Where change management tools only register activities, ERMplanner graphically displays conflicts between these activities. As a result, every user is aware at a glance of all activities and potential conflicts that take place on the IT landscape.