Continuous sharing of information increases efficiency

The complexity of IT landscapes that many release managers now have to work with results in a loss of overview and above all a higher workload.

One central truth

ERMplanner offers one central insight into all planned activities on your system landscape, including availability status of systems. As a result, all employees are aware of which activities are taking place in the different environments. Changes are centrally synchronised in ERMplanner, making the planning completely transparent. Every user has access to the most current planning and can possibly make a planning proposal.

Increases internal communication

Sharing a central planning ensures that project employees all have the same idea of ​​​​the planning of their own projects. It also allows them to see the schedule of other projects. In practice, it appears that project managers proactively contact the release manager by using ERMplanner to explain planning proposals and to speed up the assessment process. The (draft) plans within ERMplanner can also serve as input for the so-called gatekeeper consultation, here it is decided centrally which planning proposals are accepted or not.

Return on Investment

Release managers can use ERMplanner to consult with each other about possibilities of, for example, a joint go-live or simultaneous use of specific environments, this has a positive influence on the efficiency of the overall release planning and Return on Investment. In addition, ERMplanner makes it immediately visible to all involved if a project has been postponed. Never pleasant, but all the more important to make optimal use of the time released in the planning, ERMplanner makes this possible. Figure 3 illustrates a situation in which it can be clearly seen that a space has become available in the planning. Because a release manager easily notices this through ERMplanner, an optimisation of the planning is obvious.

Figure 3: A space that has become available in the planning
Figure 3: A space that has become available in the planning