Risk Management

A centralized overview prevents surprises

Working with a complex IT landscape can cause confusion, causing you to lose overview of the different activities and availability statuses of the systems. ERMplanner supports you in creating a clear digital planning. Due to the clear planning, you are able to avoid unnecessary conflicts. ERMplanner enables you to identify and immediately eliminate conflicts. This minimises or avoids the possible risks and saves you a lot of time in the long run.

Central Direction

As a release manager, you determine which proposals are definitively included in the planning. In this way, as a release manager, you retain control over the total release planning. The digital overview of ERMplanner enables you to make these decisions quickly and easily. In addition, ERMplanner has functionality to map out all concept plans, so that it is immediately clear which activities are still waiting for a final assessment.

Identify and eliminate conflicts

When a conflict occurs, this is immediately recognised by ERMplanner and marked red in the total overview. This ensures that you can see at a glance where the conflict is located and enables you to resolve it immediately. This avoids later conflicts and reduces the risks of other (unnecessary) conflicts.

Figure 1: Overview of conflict between a tentative planning and a definitive planning.
Figure 1: Overview of conflict between a tentative planning and a definitive planning.

All chains linked and streamlined

Within ERMplanner you also have the opportunity to link systems so that a single streamlined chain is created. When a system no longer works properly and this has an impact on one or more other systems, ERMplanner ensures that you no longer plan activities on systems that are not available. This also leads to risk avoidance.

Root cause analysis

Despite all the actions you take before a release is actually executed, it can still happen that complications occur after a release. When a situation like this arises, it is important that you find out the cause of the problem as quickly as possible, for example by means of a root cause analysis. ERMplanner offers you support in performing a root cause analysis because all activities are recorded in ERMplanner. You are then able to easily trace the complication back to where the conflict originated.